About the Show

The Brutal Uterus Show will take you on a journey through the prickly brambles of living with a uterus. We’ll talk about living with chronic health issues and pain, the true cost of surviving your uterus, and the battlefield you find yourself on after a life-changing diagnosis.

Our mission is to help people navigate women’s health issues like chronic illness and pain, advocating for yourself, and women’s rights so that you can survive and thrive in a world that ignores invisible pain.

Each week, you can expect stories and interviews from other people who are surviving and thriving despite the status of their reproductive system, as well as education and tips for surviving your uterus.

About The Host

Brutal Uterus was founded by Natasha Cozad, a post-menopausal mom in her thirties who struggled with endometriosis before metaphorically yanking that shit out and dancing on its grave.

Since she has found her way to the other side of an endless wall of pain, she now helps people survive their uterus using education, experience, and empathy.

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